Bite… not me.

Milo has entered The Age of Teeth.

Anyone who has raised a kitten knows that there is a time when everything – a challenge, a caress, the coffee table – is approached with tiny fangs bared. The fur of Dash’s tail probably hides a hundred battle scars by now, souvenirs of a tiny tiger flinging himself bodily at his three times larger foe and letting loose the baby teeth of war. Taming The Bite is a key part of kitten raising in my book – little teeth are eventually shed in favor of big teeth, and as much as I don’t want to get bitten by little teeth, I want to get mauled by big teeth even less.

Luckily, Milo is far from the most vociferous of the kittens I have raised (that honor went to Sebastian, my only other orange kitty – in all other respects my gold standard cat, but in the matter of Little Teeth – well, he used to get “time out,” papoosed for long minutes in a blanket or towel until he calmed down sufficiently to re-enter society without perforating it). However, the blissful repose of stroking a tiny, warm, purring body is often broken by the sting of tiny needles on fingers or arm.

We shall persevere, though – Milo is a wonderful addition to our household (no matter what the folks who think we’re daft to have three cats and a dog may say). And Dash really seems fond of him, even when he’s zooming sideways around the living room, only stopping long enough to fling himself bodily at the grey big brother.

Emulating his big brother

Clearly, it’s the redheads in our family who do yoga

Yeah, I’m a yogini.  Not so long ago, I was even a teacher of yoga.  It’s likely I will be again one day.  Exhibit A:


I’m also sortakinda redheaded.  Exhibit B:

My brother - he takes a good photo (Photo Credit – Brian Adams)

MacIntosh (a.k.a. Fuzzy Dogface, Tosh, Mac, Shtinky, etc.) is also a redhead and something of a yogi.  Exhibit C:

Toshie Twist

Well, now it appears that the littlest redheaded member of the Smith household is also a budding yogi.  Exhibit D:

Milo twist

I’m sensing a trend.

They Grow Up So Fast.

Milo’s fan club gets cranky if I don’t give regular updates…

Still cute, though bigger

He is getting big so fast. He’s still an awfully cute kitten, though. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a kitten with bronze eyes before.
Getting bigger.


And he is ever so fierce. Especially when mylar is concerned.

Some progress, some things exactly as they were

Progress – A “Pea Pod Baby Set” for Maria’s baby, with blue ladybugs marching up the button placket. First, as modeled by Mona (Lisa):

Mona lisa models pea pod set

Second, a more “serious” wide shot:

Pea pod baby set - complete

Third, channeling my inner brooklyntweed on the buttons and lace placket:

Button closeup

(Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, 2.5 skeins, color: 9436. Size 3 addi turbo needles. Blue ladybug buttons bought at Woolwinders. Pattern: Kate Gilbert’s “Pea Pod Baby Set.” Size: largest, but Baby Ull is lighter than the yarn called for in the pattern, so size is sort of small, toddlerish).

And for the thing that is exactly the same (in a manner of speaking), Milo, though bigger, is still very, very cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.

We get letters.

It appears that Milo is the latest Internet celebrity. At least, among my readers. Which admittedly makes him a pretty small-time Internet celebrity.

But I’ve gotten some requests. So… I present to you… Milo.

Do i have a head?


I ride the shoe.  i am the shoe.

“I ride the sneaker. It does not ride me.”

Milo matches the floor

Milo actually blends with the floor.

Again with the flash.

“Will the paparazzi never leave me alone?”

“I mean, REALLY?”


“…mmmm…. whatever. Snap all you want.”

And you ... you there.  you want what?

“You still there? Okay – got kibble?”

Tempting Fate

Okay, my mom has warned me about the Jinx Gods and their wiles, but I have to report that… So Far…

Milo doesn’t interfere with knitting.

Milo's a sweet knittin' kitten

He jumps up onto my lap, and does the Big Cute, and then crawls up onto my arm. My left arm. I’m a Continental knitter, so he kind of bobs up and down as the muscles in my left arm work.

It’s cute. And he’s not fussing my yarn. Yet…

Milo the knittin' kitten

Oh, I have hopes for this kid.