God help me, I giggled like a loon.

It seems that everyone is writing about that silly cat in Japan who dives headfirst into boxes.

Well, that’s about the level I’m working at this week, so enjoy:


We’re not huge cat-toy buyers.  Our cats aren’t terribly interested in gee-whizzery, and the Kitty Can’t Cope Sack represents the pinnacle of technology to them.  Milo’s favorite toy, when he’s not getting his kitty buzz on, is a crumpled receipt (and his zeal for pursuing them, even in an uncrumpled state, makes entering expenses into Quicken an exercise that would impress the Flying Wallendas).  We are well aware that for the feline imagination a cardboard box is a castle, a TARDIS, and a treehouse all in one.

So why we were enticed by a $5 IKEA nylon cat-hut, I don’t know.  But I’m happy we didn’t listen to our wiser voices for once.  The thing’s a hit at our house, and for some reason we find it endlessly amusing to find our cat-family enjoying its cozy Swedish vibe.

Simon a/k/a "Big Papi" (for his increasingly strong resemblance to David Ortiz ):

Who'd have thunk the evil cat-hut would be such a hit?

Little Milo, happily sharing space with several Kitty Can’t Copes:

$5 very well spent at IKEA

Dash, examining the environs:

Even skittery Dash likes it.

The toys help

…and deciding that he draws the line at sharing.

He draws the line at sharing, however.

Further photos from Maine

I’m still way behind on my homework, have a ton of miscellaneous things to deal with, John has a nasty cold, and I have class tonight, but it was brought home to me that I have not yet posted enough about Maine.  More photos and brief commentary after the cut. [Read more…]

Dash – not so brave, dear heart

We’ve had heavy rains around these parts recently (though nothing to what the folks in the Gulf Coast are facing – I’m watching those reports with dread).  Dash, always afraid of thunder, now seems to have extended that trepidation to mere heavy rain.

Even heavy rain makes Dash nervous

Not usually a lap cat, he sniffed at the slider the other morning and insisted on sharing the available space on my lap with my computer.  I was able to snag his chagrin with the PhotoBooth program.  Poor dear.


More of "Simon’s Cat"!

Just in case you feared I had become anything resembling hip…

…No, it shall never be.  And to prove it, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, several minutes of pointless video that might only be of interest to a small subset of my friends and relatives*:


“This is not how I am” indeed, Simon – get yer paws off of the coffee table.

Happy holiday weekend, at least to the US folks who are looking forward to beer and barbecue tomorrow.

*And of that small subset, there’s probably an even smaller subset consisting of John and my mom who will actually be amused by this video.

Unpaid endorsement

Do you see this sweet kitten?

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

Do you see this sweet kitten going out of his lentil-sized mind?

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

Okay, darling. Now pose with the product:

Milo - in a Kitty Can't Cope frenzy

The thing that made Milo go insane this evening was a Kitty Can’t Cope Sack which is probably at least five years old.  Simon and Dash have been gnawing on it, rubbing it on their faces, and generally flipping out on it since long before our littlest feline monster was born.  There is at least as much cat saliva in this thing as kitty ganja.  And yet, it still has the mojo.  Even more miraculous, it’s still intact.

This is weapons-grade catnip, my friends.  And three for less than $10?  By my reckoning, that’s about fifteen years of cat-frenzy.  A bargain.

Blogging the Blob

I promised Robynn photos of the blob, so here they be:

Blob – wide-shot:

Bee shawl - final phase

Blob – closeup of final motif:

Bee shawl - closeup of final motif

Extra bonus knitting content – a sock for John, cobbled together with ideas from Cat Bordhi’s latest fever-dream, er, book :

John's raven socks - well, sock

(I really like that heel, and this was my first foray into linen stitch, which is a bit of a pain, but the effect is nice).

Extra bonus holiday weekend cute – LoLo the lounger:

The Yoga of Cute

(Yes, that’s Milo. I have a slightly wacky habit of nipping a nickname off the back of our pets’ names. So MacIntosh becomes Tosh or Toshie, Simon becomes MonMon or Mon-ster, and Milo has become Lo, Little Lo, or LoLo.  Those with single-syllable names don’t have this indignity visited upon them, so Dash is safe.)

Robynn also tagged me , and while I’m not generally memealicious, I decided to go along…

What was I doing ten years ago?

Hmm…. May of 1998.  I had just moved to the DC area for the first time.  I purchased my first house in Arlington, VA (everyone told me I was out of my mind for buying, the market would tank any minute, everything was overpriced… um… yah.  Not so much.)  I had one cat (Mon, MonMon, Monster).  I wasn’t in a relationship, and for the first time in my adult life, I was pretty cool with that.

Five things on my to-do list for today:

  1. Write this post
  2. Work more on the blob bee shawl
  3. Clean up the kitchen
  4. Relax
  5. Relax some more (holiday, don’cha know)

Snacks I enjoy:

Mostly things with salt – potato chips, corn chips and salsa, and the like, but I also really like pickles… mmm.  Pickles.  Salt and chocolate together are also favorites, like chocolate-covered pretzels, and while it’s not salty, chocolate-covered ginger is a dangerous new discovery.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Um… wow.  The world kind of explodes when you think that way, doesn’t it?  My mom and I used to play a game called "dream house" – we would talk about various aspects of what home would look like if money was no object: location, features, what sort of special rooms we might have.  This is kind of like that, except there’s a personal and a public side to it.  Clearly there would be a lovely home (well, homes – favorite places like Colorado and Paris spring immediately to mind), and there would be travel to places I want to visit but wouldn’t necessarily want to live (India, the rest of Europe, New Zealand), but there would also be the "doing good" part of having that much money, and knowing me, it would be about education and independence.  I suppose I would either fund a foundation and work with people who are committed to enable independence through education, or find a foundation that’s already doing that sort of work and work with them.

Places I have lived:

It’s a pretty short list: New Hampshire (Hollis and Manchester); Portland, Maine; Minneapolis, Minnesota; the DC suburbs of Maryland and Virginia; Somerville, Massachusetts (I’m only including places where I’ve had an address on my driver’s license – there are other places I have spent considerable time – like London, England, or Menlo Park, California).


Umm…. well – let’s see.  How ’bout Marie , Lianne , and Daisy ?

We interrupt this blog for…

Cute cat photos…


…and also arty cat photos


Things I have done recently include:

  1. Going to see Eddie Izzard (love you!  Call me!)
  2. Going to MD Sheep and Wool with friends
  3. Purchasing a spindle and managing (with a quick tutorial from my friend Rachel) to actually produce yarn with it (portable spinning!  Brilliant!)

I will (hopefully) talk about these things anon.  However for now, the cute cat images will have to do.

Does this cat make me look fat?

Okay – this one’s for the serious Milo fans…

Knitwear model

…or the serious knitting content fans (“Look, ma!  Knitting!”).  I’m very lucky that none of our cats are terribly interested in playing with, eating, or otherwise molesting my knitting.  So here’s Milo, modeling the current status of the “Bee Fields” shawl.

Work it!

And just because I’m geeky enough to want to play with Flickr video for myself, here’s the Tiny Dictator demanding his dinner in a laid-back, yet acrobatic manner: