Memorial Day Weekend Niecelet

John and I really enjoy being "Uncle John and Auntie Jill," and we’re pretty lucky with the kidlets we have in our lives.

We got to spend today with little miss Amelia Sophia, who was very happy to be strolled around a Memorial Day street fair with Mama and Daddy and Uncle and Auntie. She continues to be most cute:

The modern baby, captured in its natural habitat

…and John has many very interesting conversations with her:

Uncle John and Amelia

(trust me, she may look as if she was ignoring him, but she was really listening intently).

More posting tomorrow, including answering Robynn ‘s tag, and also answering her plaintive cry for in-progress knitting photos. Big piles of blobby lace shawl in progress – excitement!

She’s Here!

The newest knitwear model has arrived – and her Auntie is more than a little tickled.

Auntish glee

Hey, baby – I’m your Auntie Jill: I’m the one with the animals and the yarn, and I am so looking forward to keeping you amused and warm (others may tell you that these are two of my main functions in life).  Your mommy and I have known each other for many, many years and we’re as much sisters as any two women can be without actually sharing DNA.  She did such a good job making you and bringing you into the world, and I feel so lucky that I get to share in watching you grow.

Amelia Sophia, welcome to the world kiddo. 

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a special princess, born on an autumn island, swirling with leaves of gold, amber, and ruby. Her parents, the king and queen, loved her very much (of course they did – this is that kind of story). They watched over the princess, as all parents do, but their royalty lent them charms to give her extra protection.

The queen sent her tigers to patrol the island. Pad, pad, pad, around they went, leaving clear pawprints in the sand.

The king stirred the water around the island, sending waves lapping to the edge of where the tigers stalked.

The princess also had an aunt who loved her. The aunt knew that one day the princess would grow up and leave this protected island of autumn leaves, with its fierce tigers and rippling water. So the aunt knit her a magic shawl, stitching the special magics of the king and queen into the fabric. A drift of falling leaves was surrounded by the imprint of tiger feet and curling waves.

This shawl would be able to follow the princess out into the wider world, bringing with it the special charms of the king and queen. And whenever the princess saw it, she would remember the sound of the rustling leaves, the padding of tiger feet, and the gentle rush of ocean water.

Christening shawl

Dear Ms. T:

Ms. Jill S, late of North P______, MD, currently of South Dimwittery, tenderly made the sweater pictured within. She crafted it with all deliberate speed, congratulating herself on the fact that she finished in plenty of time to post it northwards to be there for the party at your parents’ home. She did not count on a severe case of Whatdayisit, onset of symptoms coinciding with the beginning of the reasonable window for wrapping, taking to Post Office, and mailing said item.

Upon realizing that this unfortunate attack had put her outside the window for posting said gift, she has granted Power of Attorney to Ms. Carole S, late of H____, NH, currently of East Savetheday to somewhat remedy the situation by delivering this missive.

Ms. S should be back in North P______ as soon as she has finished applying her forehead to solid objects with some degree of force (this may take some time, as there are many inviting objects to be put to this purpose in South Dimwittery). The item in question is also in North P______, from whence it may shortly be delivered to your home in V_____, VA for keeping baby warm.

Much love, Jill S

(Transcribed by Wince N. Dolt, M.D., Les Dullards Infirmary, South Dimwittery)


Some progress, some things exactly as they were

Progress – A “Pea Pod Baby Set” for Maria’s baby, with blue ladybugs marching up the button placket. First, as modeled by Mona (Lisa):

Mona lisa models pea pod set

Second, a more “serious” wide shot:

Pea pod baby set - complete

Third, channeling my inner brooklyntweed on the buttons and lace placket:

Button closeup

(Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, 2.5 skeins, color: 9436. Size 3 addi turbo needles. Blue ladybug buttons bought at Woolwinders. Pattern: Kate Gilbert’s “Pea Pod Baby Set.” Size: largest, but Baby Ull is lighter than the yarn called for in the pattern, so size is sort of small, toddlerish).

And for the thing that is exactly the same (in a manner of speaking), Milo, though bigger, is still very, very cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.