Stop me before I macro again.

There’s a group on Ravelry that has devoted itself to lolcat macros (of course there is – let’s not even pretend to be surprised, shall we?).

For some reason, this has gotten me digging into the flickr files. And then, I have to share with you. It’s a bad cycle, but I am helpless in the lolcat thrall.

Simon’s up first:

Simon and zee clapotis

(See first paragraph of this for explanation of caption)

Then Dash:

Dash - LOL

Finally, Milo:


…but we can’t forget the dog, can we?

The dog gets in on the act

I promise not to inflict these on you again. Kthanxbai.


  1. Sure. Go have fun with your ravelry friends.


  2. Hey, I share fun with you!!

    How have you moved along in the queue? There’s a local meetup at the Smithsonian on the 29th – wanna come?

  3. Hah!

    Have you seen the Laugh-Out Loud cats on flickr?

  4. HAHAHA !!! Fuzzy Feet macro! I loves it! :-D