Sorry to subject you to the tour of the inside of my head

I’m just hoping yesterday’s mental peregrinations made sense to somebody.

Because I’m not completely heartless, I shall give you a long-awaited glimpse of that superstar of the animal kingdom, Monsieur Milo leChat. His covetous approach towards my Sea Silk stole was not a one-off, it appears. The current project, John’s “Cobblestone” sweater from the latest IK is also a prime favorite with him (is it the color? Does he just like blue? It is a nice shade for a redhead).

Such a helper

John often terms him a “funny little creature,” and this is very true. He has a very un-cat-like willingness to be moved about – so much so, that when he curled up in the sweater-in-progress and I needed to be elsewhere, he didn’t object when I bundled up project and cat and deposited the whole shebang in the knitting bag.

Can you believe him?

Sweet, no? How about this one – cuter, since it contains 100% more Simon than the other:

Yep, still cute.  But this time, with 100% more Simon

(yes, he’s still wee, our Milo). 

Lest you think Milo is completely slack, he does have his moments of wild activity. For instance, he seems to have inherited John’s passion for soccer. Here he is rooting for the German women’s team:

Milo - rooting for the German women's soccer team

Oi, Milo – you make a better door than a window, fella!


  1. Cute cat(s)!
    Sorry to say that the previous post made little sense to me, but I can’t make sense of what’s whirring around in my own head lately, so I wouldn’t expect to make sense of the inside of yours!

  2. He is soooo freakin’ cute. That bit with him sleeping sideways in the bag… *falls over*