Some things you don’t outgrow

I used to have a rule: no serious horror movies.  Scary stuff would bubble away in the back of my head until it erupted – usually somewhere around 2 a.m. – and a mostly sleepless night would ensue while evil things scuttled around the corners of my brain.

Because the effects of horror movies were so bad, this has been my rule for years.  Having married The Guy Who Watches Made for Scifi Movies, I have since found out that cheesy, campy, or just plain bad horror doesn’t bother me any.  Which led me to a very bad mistake last night.  John watched "The Grudge " and I watched it with him, thinking that the bad juju from horror was something I had outgrown.

Um.  Right.  Tell that to the insectoid Japanese female with the staring eyes and the death-rattle who stalked me hourly from 2 to about 5 this morning.  Gah.


  1. Kimberly says

    Oooh, that’s a bad one.

  2. Ooh, yeah. I don’t mess with things I suspect will traumatize me. So no horror movies. No war movies. And even some mysteries/crime dramas are too much. It’s good some people understand…

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  3. Richard says

    Yikes. Of all the films in all the genres in all the world, you had to walk into that one. For whatever it’s worth, the original Japanese is a lot more frightening. There’s a particular image that must have been based on Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” that haunted me for weeks afterwards. So you dodged a bullet. Kinda.

  4. Oh, I’m sorry. I watched the one before it — The Ring I think — but as usual, I just thought it was boring and poorly written. Horror doesn’t horrify me.

    (Now, my brother had to be forbidden from watching Lassie when he was a kid because it gave him nightmares, and he’s kept away from horror since because it scares him.)

  5. Ok, so why can’t I comment on the new (Eddie/sheep) post?

    All I wanted to say was: Goldings. Mmmmm. I have been seriously coveting one of their ball winders for a while now. Am struggling to imagine how I might possibly justify the cost. But, oh lordy. (Plus, the plastic winder I have now really is crap, and how will I know I’m replacing it with something that’ll do a better job unless I buy something, like, a *lot* better? Like $500 better?)

    Anyway. Now that I’m on this post: horror, meh. All my friends are into it, but not me. Except Evil Dead. Obviously. (The camp horror rule.)

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  6. Huh. I dunno why you can’t comment on that post. Anyone else? Yes, their ballwinders were GORGEOUS. There’s a picture of one of their wheels in my flickr photoset as well.

    Is there a tax justification to getting a Goldings winder? Can you deduct it as a business expense in the UK?