Reader (Viewer?) Request

I saw my friend Melanie yesterday. She looked at me sternly and intoned, “More Milo.”

Who am I to deny Mel?

El Milo

(Ruffled from digging his paper-ball toy out from under the sofa)

El Milo

(Juggling said paper-ball toy. Seriously, this cat has enough toys to stock a big-box pet store. But his favorite toy is a crumpled receipt).

El Milo

(Playing Prisoner of Zenda with John’s new bicycle wheels).

Hope you’re satisfied, Mel.


  1. Yeah, cats are like that. My cats’ favorite toy is the ring from around the top of a gallon jug of milk. Or a straw, folded into a triangle and one end stuck inside the other. Heh.

    Love Milo’s little cage. You know he’s trying to get sympathy, and hoping for Amnesty International to show up or something. ;)

  2. Mel may be satisfied, but *I* am *not*. Equal time for Tosh! Equal time for Tosh! (*holds picket sign*)

  3. I love cats’ feet when they’re holding something – and his are so cute!

    He’s getting big, isn’t he?