Rainy days and Sundays

We have both here today.  It has been pouring out for most of the day – a storm system stretches from north of us in the DC area down to Savannah.

For Milo, born in a summer drought, and having lived through one almost snowless winter, this is a novelty:

So much rain...

For Dash, who is terrified of thunder, this is a very, very bad day.  He has been clingy and moan-y, sticking close to anyone or anything who can give him comfort:

Dash is horribly afraid of thunder

A closeup of feline misery

Poor little guy.


  1. My cats don’t mind the weather (new thunderboomer!) but I have three absolutely drenched mourning doves. The other doves aren’t letting them eat from the feeder so I put a scoop of seed on the porch. Now the drenched doves aren’t letting the dry doves eat from the porch seed!