Race report!

Hello all.

I had meant to write a race report yesterday, but, well – I was pretty tired.  So tired, in fact, that we returned from the race, I showered, we had lunch, and we ended up napping for at least 2 hours.  Wiped.  Out.  I have a recurrent cramp or spasm in my calf, so that made the run a bit more of a shuffle for me for most of it (especially on the hills – which were humungous, may I add), but I did it!



Portrait of tired but proud woman.

Anyway, I had promised a Very Special Thank-You to all who contributed, and here it is.  As you may know, I would not probably be running at all without my trusty nano and its tunes.  So here is my final training playlist, which also got me through yesterday as I chugged up all those endless hills, dedicated to my lovely supporters.

1. "Bitch" – Meredith Brooks:  Okay, as tacky as it is right out of the gate – this one’s really for me.  You know I can’t get going without my angry grrl music.

2. "Steve McQueen" – Cheryl Crow: To my former colleagues.  A sincere thank you for your generosity and caring.

3. "The Night Pat Murphy Died" – Great Big Sea: For Lianne – dark, bouncy, silly, and Canadian.  Here’s to ya, girl.

4. "Have Fun Go Mad" – Blair (they don’t have that version on iTunes, so I replaced it with Trondheim Storband’s version for the iTunes mix): For Robynn .  She may not quite "set sail from just around the corner of the Portobello Road," but she’s certainly closer than any of my other supporters.  Take a turn around Osterly Park for me, my dear…

5. "Don’t Cry No More" – Boz Scaggs: For Marilee, because it just seems like the kind of tune she would like

(trust me – some of these titles bear no resemblance to their mood – this is a pretty happy, bouncy mix for the most part)

6. "Virtual Insanity" – Jamiroquai: For Kathy , as we seem to live in a virtual insanity rather than a real insanity, despite living only minutes from one another!

7. "I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’" – Scissor Sisters: For Barbara, because she’s just that great, she deserves the Sisters.

8. "Born to Fly" – Sara Evans: For my darling husband, who hiked out onto the trail to cheer me on and told me he was really proud of me.  When we were dating, I listened to this song a lot, and I knew he was the "brown-eyed boy in my future."

9. "I Was a Little Too Lonely (You Were a Little Too Late)" – Erin McKeown: For Anabel, not for the sense of the tune, but for its intrepid silliness.

10. (Power Tune) "Some Days You Gotta Dance" – Dixie Chicks: For Mom.  Because she’s the one who first taught me that some days you gotta dance.  In our case, in the living room to Carol King.

If you like this mix, you can get it here:


  1. Huzzah! Very well done to you. Yay I have a song! Portobello Road isn’t *too* far off… well no, no it is, but at least it is west London. And so am I. Just *ahem* rather further out.

    I do not know this song, so clearly I must acquire it forthwith. I do like the title.

    Robynns last blog post..On catching up

  2. Congratulations on finishing! You rock!

    sprites last blog post..not tonight, dear…

  3. Robynn, if you can acquire the soundtrack to “Sliding Doors,” the version I prefer is on it… It’s a bit looser and funkier, though TS’ version is good as well.

  4. Hooray for you! You’re an inspiration!

    Harriets last blog post..Get off your ath, let’s do some math

  5. Yaaaay, Jill! And yes, I like R&B. :)

  6. I had to get up from the chair and do two (2) of my famous leg kicks in your honor. Way to go, girl. You were looking good out there and even smiling at the end. Life is, indeed, good. Congratulations!

  7. Mucho congratulations on the run! And thanks on the Jamiroquai; love him and all his funkiness!
    Your move on Scrabulous ;-)


    kathys last blog post..mother’s day, one week hence…