We’re not huge cat-toy buyers.  Our cats aren’t terribly interested in gee-whizzery, and the Kitty Can’t Cope Sack represents the pinnacle of technology to them.  Milo’s favorite toy, when he’s not getting his kitty buzz on, is a crumpled receipt (and his zeal for pursuing them, even in an uncrumpled state, makes entering expenses into Quicken an exercise that would impress the Flying Wallendas).  We are well aware that for the feline imagination a cardboard box is a castle, a TARDIS, and a treehouse all in one.

So why we were enticed by a $5 IKEA nylon cat-hut, I don’t know.  But I’m happy we didn’t listen to our wiser voices for once.  The thing’s a hit at our house, and for some reason we find it endlessly amusing to find our cat-family enjoying its cozy Swedish vibe.

Simon a/k/a "Big Papi" (for his increasingly strong resemblance to David Ortiz ):

Who'd have thunk the evil cat-hut would be such a hit?

Little Milo, happily sharing space with several Kitty Can’t Copes:

$5 very well spent at IKEA

Dash, examining the environs:

Even skittery Dash likes it.

The toys help

…and deciding that he draws the line at sharing.

He draws the line at sharing, however.


  1. LOL It has cat ears!

  2. …and a tail.

  3. omg!
    have to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha, they’re listing Papi’s weight at 230. They’re so cute when they lie like that and think the grown-ups can’t tell!

    Seriously, um, how does your cat resemble Papi? That his career really took off when he left the Twins and went somewhere they’d let him hit for power? That he’s immensely good-natured for someone who can mess you up that badly?

  5. That’s right – if Papi is 230, then I’m 105.

    That he’s immensely good-natured for someone who can mess you up that badly?

    Bingo. He also lumbers about the house in a way that is very reminiscent of the way Ortiz “runs” the bases.

  6. I thought the red arch at the back was a carrying handle, but it’s a tail! How funny! If they have them the next time I get to Ikea, I might get one.