Overheard at our house, fall edition

John comes in from hauling the fresh load of wood that was just delivered.  He’s in that "third-day-of-a-cold, dammit-I-need-movement" phase.  He’ll probably be wiped tonight.

"What’s up?" say I.

"Just want to put my boots on.  I almost dropped a piece of wood on my foot."

"Good.  Wouldn’t want a husband with a mooshed foot.  Defective.  I’d have to return you."

"Got your receipt?"

"You’re under warranty.  I bought the extended plan."

"That’s power-train only.  Hands and feet are accessories – not included."

Good thing he put his boots on.


  1. Good thing indeed! You got the model with in-built autoprotective action. Smart move.

  2. LOL

  3. Laughing.