“Oh, you’ll hate that.”

I have this funny, perverse mental habit.  When someone tells me, “You HAVE to watch X.  You will LOVE X,” I immediately find myself averse to ever looking at such a thing.

My mother is a very smart woman.

She now precedes all recommendations with, “So – you will HATE this.  You don’t want to watch/read/listen to it.”  For some reason, this actually works.

Funny little thing, brains.


  1. Funny thing, mothers!
    I hope you had a nice visit.

  2. ..I think its the same principle acting out in both cases: you are not so easily read, easily ascribed affinities, distaste. You’re much more complicated than that. And this is true, my friend.

    There are very few people whose recommendations I will consistently act upon: you’re one of them :) but don’t go getting all, “oh, *I* know Kathy…!”


  1. […] my wise mother handed to me during her last visit (I’m pretty sure she refrained from saying “You’ll love this,” and I think we may have discovered another way around my reflexive filter.  Just hand the thing to […]