Oh, what a world, what a world

When I was growing up in New England winters, there was the temperature and then there was "wind chill."  Temperature was pretty much irrelevant.  Wind chill was the important number, since that was what you were going to experience when you walked out the door.

Fast forward to summertime in the DC area, where the humidity is tactile: a hot washcloth pressed over the nose and mouth, a dog’s hot breath in your ear, a damp velvet suit hugging your every move.  The humidity and heat combine to create the yang to wind chill’s yin – the heat index.

The heat index is on us, with expectations of heat experiences of over 100 degrees, and even with jogging in the morning before the full blast of summer, I tell you I am melting .


  1. I hear you Jill. This morning’s jog to the beach and back made me feel like I had run a marathon versus 3 measely miles

  2. It’s been getting warmer out here, but thankfully it is not so humid.

    I can tolerate cold pretty well, although not as well as I used to, but hot and humid just does me in. With all the travel I used to do in Asia it’s a wonder I’m not just a puddle on a sidewalk in Hong Kong somewhere!

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  3. That’s one of the things I emphatically do NOT miss about the east coast. We got a text message yesterday from a friend who’d moved back to VA after being out in CA for 8 years, and she said she’d forgotten how hot it was out there. We told her it was getting warm here too, at 75 degrees (heh), but I think it was awfully polite of me not to respond back with a reminder that it’s only June, and that perhaps her Armada wasn’t helping matters either. :P

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  4. I’m impressed you can run at all—do be cautious about hydration—the volume of moisture in the atmosphere means that sweat is less likely to evaporate from your skin—none of that relief for you.

    A snorkel is what you need, really…except—how long would that tube have to be to get out the moist atmosphere???

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  5. Alessandro says

    oh, I so wish we could have the same problem on this side of the pond! We had ‘some’ sun the other day, and I was in shock as I could not remember the feel of it on my skin…

    Where do I sign to get 100plus temperature? ;)

  6. We’re having topping put on our section of the development’s pavement and I had to move the van last night. 10:30pm, 77F outside, and I was soaked walking back. Not sweat, humidity. And when I went to bed at 6am, the buildings were dripping. Not rain, humidity. Argh. I’m not allowed out until the weather breaks on Wednesday.

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  7. It’s pouring! I hope the weather breaks!

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