Not much to say…

…Though we are sad here at Chez Writingortyping, because wee Milo is off to the vet for that… operation.  The one all good cat-owners have done if they don’t want to be vicarious kitten-mommas or -daddies.  So, despite the fact that I have been a lame blogger of late, I shall only give you a few photos of the little guy.  He’s going to be gone for a whole 24 hours, and John and I are wondering how we will cope without our dense, warm little fur-bundle purring away on our laps.  We have already suffered through this morning’s agony of trying to ignore him on doctor’s pre-surgery no-feed orders as he squeaked furiously at us, completely incensed that his usual demands were met with no kibble.  (Our neighbor likes to say, “Dogs have owners; cats have staff.”  It is all too true.)

We had a party recently – Milo appointed himself Sommelier:

Milo, Your Sommelier for this evening
“May I get madame a glass of champagne?”

Feeling like quite the wildlife photographer, I also caught Milo and Dash performing the elusive head-lick:


Lastly, a similarly elusive group photo of all three of the feline members of the household:

a rare shot of all three cats

At least I don’t have the heartrending task of actually leaving the wee one at the vet’s – that job goes to John, as the vet is on his way to work.


  1. Oh so true about “staff”! Here’s hoping Milo returns soon to squeak for his kibble.

  2. Poor Milo! But I’m laughing at the image of him squeaking for his kibble.

    (At least he’s a boy kitty – less traumatic!)