Necessity is a mother. So is Nature.

I lived in NH for the Blizzard of ’78. I went to college in Syracuse. I resided in Minneapolis for the Halloween Blizzard of ’91 and the ensuing horrific winter. I know snow.

This, children, is a blizzard.

We’ve been without cable or internet since Saturday. Crews were pulled from the roads in MD, VA, and the District because white-out conditions made it too dangerous to plow. Metro’s only running underground.

Thank goodness for my iPhone.


  1. Jill, if you need ANYTHING let me know. We’ve been off and on but mostly on since Sunday. And we have FIOS that so far has not failed.

    Yeah—Mother Nature is the same kind of Momma that I am…don’t fool with this sh&t.

  2. have you considered a relatively easy (and not warrant-voiding) jailbreak of your iPhone to allow tethering?

  3. Wow.

  4. I love the photo.