Nativity play

We had a good Thanksgiving.

Some cats had some nice lounging

Sunshine LoLo

Simon bliss

The meal seemed to go over well:

Holiday table

I made a particularly pretty pie:

Pretty pie

And Mom indulged in the creation of a bunch of teeny sweaters – it was like a particularly cute obsession acted out in scraps of leftover sock yarn:

Mom's teeny sweater obsession

And finally, we’re currently sitting here deconstructing the performance art piece that is John hanging lights on the Christmas tree.  It’s rather nice.


  1. Cats, food, family, mini-sweaters, what more do you want?

    Marilee J. Laymans last blog post..The Devil’s Eye by Jack McDevitt

  2. Sounds lovely and indeed the pie is preeetty. But J: I covet those tiny, adorable sweaters!!!

    Could you look any more like your Mom? and has John gone all hirsute on us?

    khms last blog post..The Loose Ends

  3. I love the pie and the sweaters. But mostly, I feel my interior decor is vindicated — I have the same light fixture in my dining room.

    Harriets last blog post..I am curious ultraviolet

  4. K, I could probably look more like my mom, but it would probably involve cutting my hair very short….

    The tiny sweaters are from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts,” and they are charming little items indeed.

    And yup – John is rather more furry now than he was. I keep forgetting he didn’t always have a beard…

  5. H, I find it frightening that I have the power to validate anyone’s home decor choices!!

  6. more sweaters

    We made the hangers for these mini sweaters using 16 gauge colored wire. For each hanger, cut a 12” long piece of wire. Bring the 2 ends together. 2” down from the ends, twist the 2 pieces together once to hold them in place. Shape the loop at the bottom into a hanger shape (the same as a wire coat hanger – flat across the bottom and rounded at each end). Continue to twist the 2 ends tog all the way to the end. Bend the twisted end into a hook.

  7. Marilee said it all. :)

    I’m curious about the painting on the dining room wall; can you tell us anything about it?

    Ranas last blog post..Etsy News