Mom thinks we should be able to see the bend from our rear-view mirror

….because we’re that far around it.  This is based on me telling her that John and I made up new words to the Harry Belafonte classic this weekend:



–daylight come and me want fried bread–


–daylight come and me want fried bread–

Hey mister dunkin-man, fry me up a do-nut.

–daylight come and me want fried bread–

–with glaze!–


  1. You may be round the bend, but, welcome to the neighborhood! :)

    Can I tell you how happy I am to find that Drew and I are not the only people to compose such songs? Yours is a classic, we might have to borrow it.

    Most of mine are not appropriate for sharing (there are non-public nicknames involved). I’ve mostly been singing to Duncan recently. Every time he enters a room, I sing, “He wants to be where the people are, he wants to see, wants to see them [some description that comes as close as possible to rhyming with ‘dancing’]” (from The Little Mermaid–none of the rest of the lyrics fit, though).

  2. LOL I hope there were actual donuts involved! Suddenly, I want donuts.

  3. And here I was thinking it was time to make some donuts this weekend. Guess what I’ll be singing while the dough rises!

  4. Kimberly, this is only the BEGINNING of our crazy songs.

  5. Marilee, I only wish there had been donuts. But no.

  6. Mary, can I come to your house for donuts???!!

    And also – your RSS feed is broken! I checked in on your site and found a bunch of stuff I hadn’t seen before and realized that there was no RSS link!!