It Must be October

Frantically busy? Check.

Crossing as many fingers and toes as would still allow us to get on with normal human activities in order to mystically help the Red Sox? Check.

Hauling out sweaters with glee as the weather is finally chilly? Check.

Making more of them? Check.

Sweater in progress

Gratuitous cute cat photos featuring Milo in unlikely poses? Check.

Cute cat in unlikely pose



  1. Yay for sweater weather! Great pic of Milo!

  2. Franctically busy? Check.
    Sweater wearing weather? Not so much, yet.
    Red Sox? Okay, sure.
    Cute cats? Check.
    Sweater making? Again with the not so much. Number two child has forgotten how to fall asleep until after 10:00 – ouch.

  3. Milo is so CUTE!!! What a great photo! You need to submit that to cheezburgr pronto!! And that sweater… Is that the Knit Simple Hoodie? It looks so comfy!

  4. That’s a really pretty color for a sweater – and I bet it’ll look great on you!

    Milo cracks me up. I’m always amused at the crazy places cats not only choose to lie, but where they actually _fall asleep_. b has an ongoing obsession with the pile of books next to me on the sofa; she keeps trying to curl up on them, pointy corners and all, and is repeatedly miffed by their structural instability.

  5. if milo weren;t a cat i would think that it would hurt :)
    john’s sweater is looking nice
    and the red sox won!!!!!

  6. Nice pictures…I just tagged you for 7 random things. Come visit and play