Holiday Weekend with the Invalid

Milo had his first rabies shot on Friday, so spent yesterday feeling low.  He didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to be on laps, didn’t want to eat very much.  He seemed to feel like he had flu – occasional feints at normal activity, followed swiftly by relapses into glassy-eyed apathy.

He’s much better now.  He’s been racing around and bouncing off the furniture since early this morning.  He’s now curled up on John’s lap, purring like a steam engine.  This photo was taken earlier this week, but it’s pretty perfect in its representation of his current state:

The Love that Dare not Speak its Name

Ratty – would you care to dance?


  1. That cat has enormous eyes – like little saucers! Was he stoned on catnip, or does he usually look like that?

  2. He pretty much just looks like that. He’s at that developmental stage where he kind of goes out of proportion as he grows – right now, he’s sporting giant ears and a really long tail, too.

  3. Does he hold the rat and kick-kick-kick it with his feet? I always find it hilarious when they do that.

  4. too cute for words!!!! and the previous post just made laugh and laugh and laugh! my dna is missing the “mailing things on time gene….”

  5. Yes, Milo’s big with the kickyfeet.