He’s a magic man…

I got a Wii console for my 40th birthday – because though I may be 40, inside I am 12.  I generally use it to work out (EA Sports Fitness – though occasionally glitchy – is surprisingly intense), though I did get sucked into “World of Goo” on a friend’s recommendation.  Other than that, we only have the sports game that came with the console.  We had a party recently for my school colleagues, and the Wii was the hit of the party.  There is something about the game that seems to bring out the positive, encouraging side of people.  Miss a hit in baseball?  Nobody jeers.  Instead, cries of “You wuz ROBBED!” ring out, even from the opposing side.

As someone who really hates what my mother calls the “nyah nyahs,” I have been surprised to witness this sort of behavior.  Life has taught me more often that games where there are winners and losers are just… well, nasty.

Even John, who doesn’t really like video games, likes to play Wii.  Well, he likes to play Wii Bowling.  Since we are both New England kids, I usually respond to his, “Wanna bowl?” with, “Yeah – ya gonna take me bowlin’ an’ buy me a beah?”  We’re pretty well matched and the usual score is close.  But I found out today that John, well… he’s a magical Wii bowler.  He ran upstairs to do something when I was playing my turn, and his turn came before he had returned.  Suddenly, his figure went live, and I watched his Mii bowl a perfect strike.  Moments later, he ran downstairs and said, “How’d I do?”  He had brought his controller upstairs with him and heard it “ding.”  So he played his turn blind.  From upstairs.

Magic, I tell you.

(He smoked me that game by over 30 points.)


  1. Wiiiiiii…! We all woke up with tennis elbow the morning after we brought our own console home!

    John. What a guy.

  2. Wow… John is the Wii bowling champ! Next he should try baseball from upstairs and see if his skills extend to hitting home runs.

  3. Wow, remote bowling, nice.
    World of Goo was a big hit at our house last holiday season – the kids really enjoyed watching their dad play it.
    I’m a big fan of Super Mario Galaxy, although I have 7 stars left and I’ve just about given up. Haven’t played in months.
    Have you tried Dance Dance Revolution? It’s a lot of fun.
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Shades of beach =-.

  4. I know a lot of people who love Wii, but I’ve never heard of long-distance playing!
    .-= Marilee J. Layman´s last blog ..Eleven Hours =-.