From Milo

Pssst.  Can we talk?


You know my human mommy has been running for about two months, right?  Well, she says she’s not in training for anything, but she is going to be doing the 2007 AIDS Walk in Washington.  She’s getting pretty close to her fundraising goal, but she’s not quite there yet (and if I know her, she probably wants to exceed that goal, not just meet it).

So here’s the deal: if you can, would you support her on her walk (she’s walking so she can do this with friends who don’t run)?  I understand if you can’t (kittens don’t have a lot of disposable income either).  If you do donate to support her, I would be perfectly willing to make you laugh by lolling in your lap:

Doing his best to crack John up (and succeeding)

Or I could jump on your back and lick your head:

When kittens attack

Whatever works.  We’re all in this together, right?

Two thousand-yard stares


— Milo


  1. Ahhh! Adorable kitties!


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