Dear Ms. T:

Ms. Jill S, late of North P______, MD, currently of South Dimwittery, tenderly made the sweater pictured within. She crafted it with all deliberate speed, congratulating herself on the fact that she finished in plenty of time to post it northwards to be there for the party at your parents’ home. She did not count on a severe case of Whatdayisit, onset of symptoms coinciding with the beginning of the reasonable window for wrapping, taking to Post Office, and mailing said item.

Upon realizing that this unfortunate attack had put her outside the window for posting said gift, she has granted Power of Attorney to Ms. Carole S, late of H____, NH, currently of East Savetheday to somewhat remedy the situation by delivering this missive.

Ms. S should be back in North P______ as soon as she has finished applying her forehead to solid objects with some degree of force (this may take some time, as there are many inviting objects to be put to this purpose in South Dimwittery). The item in question is also in North P______, from whence it may shortly be delivered to your home in V_____, VA for keeping baby warm.

Much love, Jill S

(Transcribed by Wince N. Dolt, M.D., Les Dullards Infirmary, South Dimwittery)