Cute – multiplied

Still not 100% in the old “healthy” column, but getting back a bit. I do, however, have some cute photos of my friends Miklos’ and Michelle’s first-born (second-born is due next month). Martin was terrifically intrigued by all our critters, though he was leery of Tosh at first.  He spread toddler cheer all around the place for a very pleasant evening (yes, he’s only almost three, though he looks about five).

He angled quite successfully for the orange creamsicle cat-fish:
Martin, fishing for the elusive Milo

Got a consultation from Dr. Melanie on the best way to snag the critter:
Mel, consulting on cat-fishing

But this one has to be my favorite – you could photoshop them onto the end of a pier and it would look like they’re fishing together:
Gone fishin'

Milo wasn’t the only beneficiary of having a kid around the place. Tosh did his nice, patient puppy routine while Martin learned how to give a dog a cookie:
Giggling ensued

And was rewarded by a big game of tug (Martin had clearly gotten over his worries that the dog would eat him by this point):
Martin and Miklos - playing with Mac

Lest you think the humans didn’t get to have some good kid-fun too, let me dispel that notion. One of the many examples of Martin playing with the grownups, here with Yvonne:
Playing with Yvonne

That’s all for now.  As much as I’d like to crawl back into bed, I must head off to work.  ::sigh::