Clearly, it’s the redheads in our family who do yoga

Yeah, I’m a yogini.  Not so long ago, I was even a teacher of yoga.  It’s likely I will be again one day.  Exhibit A:


I’m also sortakinda redheaded.  Exhibit B:

My brother - he takes a good photo (Photo Credit – Brian Adams)

MacIntosh (a.k.a. Fuzzy Dogface, Tosh, Mac, Shtinky, etc.) is also a redhead and something of a yogi.  Exhibit C:

Toshie Twist

Well, now it appears that the littlest redheaded member of the Smith household is also a budding yogi.  Exhibit D:

Milo twist

I’m sensing a trend.


  1. My cat lacks the ambition for yoga, but she likes to walk underneath me and lie down while I’m attempting Wheel, which is a little unnerving. One of these days she’s going to get squished.