Bringing up the rear

John just about crippled himself with laughter the day Tosh let out an audible fart which caused him to whip his head around and look at his own butt as if to say, "What was THAT?"

Today he did one better.  After farting he started, jumped up, circled around to where his butt had been and commenced a thorough investigation of the scene of the crime.  I believe the theory of the brontosaurus (ehrm, apatosaurus – I was a kid in the 70’s: my brain will always hand me "bronto" first) having a second brain for his rear has been debunked in the case of dinosaurs, but it may have to be revived for our dog.


  1. *laughs*

    The cat is (so far) mostly unfarty, so we haven’t seen her reaction to that. Sometimes, though, her tail rustles the paper when she’s lying on it and she looks surprised to realize that it’s her that’s making the noise.