So, my friend and former classmate Erik Heels went and put the Google Connect thingy on his blog.  I’m testing it out myself, so if you’re feeling the love and don’t mind putting your face out there, please feel free to join.  I put it in my sidebar, just past "recent comments."


  1. What does it do, exactly? (The formatting’s kind of messed up at the top, so I see some pictures blinking in an out and some music?)

    Ranas last blog post..Etsy News

  2. I don’t quite get it either.

    While I’m nearly ready to completely submit to our Google overlords, after their “All Your Base Belong to Us” moment with Chrome, I’m getting a little wary.

  3. I’ve given up evading the Google overloads. My base, it belong to them.

    I’ll join the Google Connect Thingy.