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Friday, August 10, 2007

Please Don't Trip Over the Boxes and Packing Tape

If you're subscribing to WoT via an RSS feed, please take note.  I've finally had it up to the proverbial "here" with using a blogging system that is basically the work of one developer.  Don't get me wrong: for a single-developer program, it's been a nice little workhorse.  But it's time to change.  I've actually been exploring options since early on, but the amount of programming knowledge necessary in the early days was just too overwhelming for me when I started, and I really liked the option of having a desktop-client composing and uploading system, so the easier web-based systems such as Blogger weren't giving me what I wanted.

Translation of old posts to a new system has also been an issue.  I'm not about to can all of the work I've put into this site over the years.  And yet, when you are using a single-developer program with a limited following, the translation services just don't cut it, if they exist at all.

So I have recreated the last several posts at a new, but familiar location -  Archives to the old iBlog site are available in the archive page and on the sidebar.  The homepage will soon redirect to the /blog subdomain.  For anyone using an rss feed, you can either resubscribe or edit your current subscription* to point to: 

Anyway, welcome to the new place.  Hope you like it.

*For those of you who have mentioned to me that Bloglines is publishing WoT in Asian ideographs, this should also solve that problem.  

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some progress, some things exactly as they were

Progress - A "Pea Pod Baby Set" for Maria's baby, with blue ladybugs marching up the button placket.  First, as modeled by Mona (Lisa):

Mona lisa models pea pod set

Second, a more "serious" wide shot:

Pea pod baby set - complete

Third, channeling my inner brooklyntweed on the buttons and lace placket:

Button closeup

(Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, 2.5 skeins, color: 9436.  Size 3 addi turbo needles.  Blue ladybug buttons bought at Woolwinders.  Pattern: Kate Gilbert's "Pea Pod Baby Set."  Size: largest, but Baby Ull is lighter than the yarn called for in the pattern, so size is sort of small, toddlerish).

And for the thing that is exactly the same (in a manner of speaking), Milo, though bigger, is still very, very cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Yep.  still cute.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh. Yes.

In October 2002, John and I went up to Mt. Desert Island for a long weekend.  It was during the height of the DC Sniper scare, and we were thinking about getting married up there.  

It was a glorious weekend, and a difficult one (anyone who has a smooth experience in planning a wedding is... well, let's just say I can't imagine a smooth experience in planning a wedding).  I was reading Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass on this trip, and I finished it on the flight home. 

It was a Southwest flight, and we were sitting on one that had a facing row in the front (maybe they all do - I'm not wise in the ways of Southwest, whatever my other experiences with air travel are), and when I finished, the man sitting across from me remarked that I was obviously intent on the story.  I could believe it.  I felt like I was swimming up from a very deep dive after I turned the final page, and it had taken me some time to return to the landing plane, the reality of coming home.

This makes me hopeful that I can have the same experience in a movie theatre:

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Get Letters

It appears that Milo is the latest Internet celebrity.  At least, among my readers.  Which admittedly makes him a pretty small-time Internet celebrity.

But I've gotten some requests.  So... I present to you... Milo.

Do i have a head?


I ride the shoe.  i am the shoe.

"I ride the sneaker.  It does not ride me."

Milo matches the floor

Milo actually blends with the floor. 

Again with the flash.

"Will the paparazzi never leave me alone?"

"I mean, REALLY?"


"...mmmm.... whatever.  Snap all you want."

And you ... you there.  you want what?

"You still there?  Okay - got kibble?"