It's His Year, I'm Just Living in it.

Wherein Our Heroine's Life is More Colorful in Many Ways.

"Compromise:" it is the advice of choice in the sage tomes of marital wisdom. (Other top-ten hits are: "Respect," "Hard work," and "Don't Steal the Covers if you Value Your Life.") Compromise is one of those things that sounds easy - the action is generally not one that requires a lot of physical or mental effort. What it does require, though, is id-squashing: suppression of that powerful, primitive, "I DON'T WANNA" response that can be more difficult than physical or mental effort. Sometimes, the compromise leads you to something more interesting or meaningful than you would have achieved under your own decision-making steam. Sometimes you just squash your id, grin, and bear it.

So, I give you my id-squashing of the season: the colored lights on the Christmas tree.

Just for giggles, I give you some of the photographic outtakes of my photo shoot of this year's tree. There is the "whoops - left the flash on" outtake:

And there is the "disco-fever, whoops, camera moved" outtake:

Our Hero likes the colored lights. Me, I'm a white lights sort of gal myself. I must, in all fairness, note that this is our fourth Christmas together and the only one so far where we have had colored lights on the tree. The original plan was to go every other year with colored and white lights, but we didn't have as many colored lights as we thought the first time we went to put them on the tree, then forgot to buy them again the next year (why are you looking at me like that? It's not my responsibility to remember to buy the colored lights!).

So, this year is a colored light year, and Our Hero is happy (and I am happy for him). It's a cute little tree, sized to fit our cute little 7.5 foot ceiling height. I must say that in all likelihood no tree will ever match the magnificence we were able to achieve in our Massachusetts apartment, with its Victorian ceiling heights and spacious kitchen/dining area which easily accommodated this nine-foot-plus beauty:

It had white lights, too.

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