More Musical Meme Madness from Scalzi


John Scalzi asks what we have in our iTunes that is "perfect pop" of three minutes' duration:

Found Love - Boz Scaggs: funky, bluesy, and it SWINGS. It's not pop, though.

Since You Asked - The Singers Unlimited: Hell no. Four voices multiplied into impossible eleventy-million-part harmonies by an insane genius for whom a 9-chord is just the beginning. No.

New Hymn - James Taylor: More harmony, sounds like a choir. Beautiful, but not pop.

God Only Knows - Jonatha Brooke: A chilly, somewhat eerie, delicate and strangely compelling version of the Beach Boys' classic. Perhaps perfect pop in its original form, but not here.

I got nothin'.

However, if you go to three minutes and one second, you get Stevie Wonder singing "If You Really Love Me" and The Beatles with "Something." Perfect.

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