Cats and Finished Objects


First of all, thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my new spinning wheel, but it's far from here yet. It'll take about six weeks to arrive, as apparently the nice folks at Schacht are too popular for their own good.

Second of all, a small lesson on avoiding the evil eye:

Evil Eye

Be sure to stay away from boxes. Lesson over.

Lastly, I have a couple of finished objects it has taken me a while to photograph. First up, John's endless socks were actually finished last month:

John's Long-Ass Socks

I also did a weekend "what the hell, I've never felted before" project (leftover Knitpicks "Memories" merino, size three needles, pattern? We don't need no stinking pattern, man!):

Felted Bowl - in Profile

Felted Bowl

It's a little smooshed because I had carried it to work to show a colleague. It's not really that wonky.

I have quite a few other little finished objects lying around, but they're Christmas items and I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise...

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