My Last Post Involving Olympic Knitting


I made insane headway on the clapotis over the weekend, and I can now announce that it is actually finished.


Here's proof:

Clapotis complete

See? No knitting needles at any corner. I am done. Finito. Game over, man.*

Here's how the Knitting Olympics** differs from the regular Olympics: stomach bugs can actually help you medal. We shall not speak of the actual stomach bug, but let us just say that today when I was not sleeping I was knitting on the couch (sorry, Marie. Like you said, I have no kids).

ETA: Finished dimensions: 24" x 62", 3 balls (almost exactly) of 250 yards apiece Southwest Trading Company 100% bamboo yarn, color "Butter."

*Look at it, reclining so casually on the chair there. "What?" it seems to say. "You were worried? Ehhh... we're done here. Let's go to New York and impress the locals."

**Many thanks to Rana for helping me get my knitmojo back by challenging me to do this.

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